Montemurro Engineering is staffed by a team of locally qualified engineers.

This means you will be dealing with people that have a good hands-on knowledge of the cost and other challenges faced by local companies whether they need to introduce or upgrade an industrial automation system; want a customised machine built; plan to design a new product; or get a reverse engineered part made.

A blend of technical, conceptual and commercial experience enables Montemurro to design and produce solutions that not only improve efficiency but are also long-lasting, energy efficient and in line with your budgetary requirements.

And being locally based our engineers are well versed in ensuring your project satisfies all relevant national standards and safety protocols. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having local support close at hand.

Our projects are backed by a state-of-the-art design verification facility, an advanced structural analysis capability and everything you may require to implement your project ranging from design, procurement and fabrication to the management of the entire project. Where possible, because of their benefits, we use high performance materials such as duplex alloys, monels, inconels, stainless steel and modern composites such as carbon-fibre and aramid (Kevlar®) fibre. But we are also geared to work in other materials.

As specialists in producing tailor-made machines, our engineers take into account many considerations in order to ensure our solutions make economic sense and meet your expectations, including: force calculations, material properties, fatigue, welding procedures, corrosion resistance and service factors to name a few. And we ensure our solutions take into account your company’s own resources and manpower.

We are a team of mechanical engineers capable of designing and building pretty much anything mechanical. So call us to turn your idea or problem into a real solution that will work for you.