We offer precision conventional and CNC machining services with very fast turnaround. Our machines are capable of producing complex shapes to a high degree of accuracy.

Our team is composed of professional mechanical engineers, so we can also help to optimize your design and select the best material for your application yielding on a strong and cost-effective solution! Furthermore we can help you develop your idea into a prototype and help you with your patent application!

We are also open to the general public! So don't be afraid to come visit us with your enquiry, even if it is a small job!

Below is a list of some examples of jobs that can be done on our machines:

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacture;
  • Ball joints for various applications (a common one is hydraulic cylinder levelling feet);
  • Slip sleeves (for drill rigs for example);
  • Wear strips (drill mast slides for example;
  • Plastic components in general;
  • Threaded components;
  • Drill subs (drill pipe tool joint);
  • String stabilizers;
  • Drilling jars;
  • Injection molding dies;
  • Motor cylinder heads;
  • Bushings;
  • Shafts;
  • Gears;
  • Conveyor components;
  • Rollers;
  • Custom components;
  • Adaptors (including adaptor plates)
  • Many more!

CNC Milling Cast Iron
CNC Milling Cast Iron
Before and after roller end cap
Before and after roller end cap
CNC machined hydraulic cylinder rod end (spherical for levelling foot)
CNC machined hydraulic cylinder rod end (spherical for levelling foot)