How to turn your idea into a solution that works

You may have come up with an idea and hand sketch of a product and would like to know how it will look and whether it will work.

So what do you do? You may take your sketch to a fabricator to knock something up for you. The problem is fabricators usually don’t have the design expertise to show you exactly what your product will look like. What’s more they’re unlikely to be able to tell you whether your product will achieve what you expect of it or how to make it more appealing.

Montemurro Engineering could save you a great deal of time and money by verifying your design or presenting you with an optimum solution for your needs. We can also produce a 3-D functional prototype that will help you see how your solution works, before going through the full expense of building it.

And if you choose to go further we can produce your fabrication drawings and even make the product for you.

Take note, our specialised expertise is also employed in the design of customised and reverse engineered machine parts.

Machine building

If you’re looking for someone that can design and custom build a machine for your business, you’ll need the expertise of a qualified mechanical engineer to come up with a solution that makes financial sense and will perform to your expectations.

Montemurro specialises in designing and producing machines tailor-made for your specific needs. We are a team of mechanical engineers and we can design and build pretty much anything mechanical.

With Montemurro you can be assured that as qualified mechanical engineers we are required to ensure equipment is designed adequately so it will do its job properly, safely and in compliance with relevant national standards. We are known for providing solutions that will last, meet your expectations and make economic sense. We take into account many considerations in order to achieve these outcomes including: force calculations, material properties, fatigue, welding procedures, corrosion resistance and service factors to name a few.

How to get things rolling

  1. Just come to us with your problem and we’ll provide possible solutions taking into account your budgetary limitations, internal engineering resources, the skills levels of your machine operators and maintenance personnel, and a number of other factors;
  2. As soon as you’ve selected one of our solutions we’ll give you a quotation. Once you approve the conceptual design and budget, a schedule for the project will be arranged and design work will commence;
  3. We will work with your preferred suppliers or source materials from our suppliers (everything will be included in our 3D model so you can see it before it gets fabricated);
  4. You can choose to source your own fabricators or we can take care of everything for you;
  5. Finally, the project will be tested and handed over. You may also choose to receive an engineering report/manual for each individual component of your project;
  6. After commissioning you will always be able to rely on our local support services.

Here are just a few examples of what we can design and produce :

  • Lifts
  • Balustrade
  • Handicap access solutions
  • Hoists
  • Mechanical arms
  • Robot arms
  • Conveyors
  • Trailers
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Specialized tools (custom made), such as: dies, lifting equipment, core drills etc.
  • Industrial cutting machines, packing machines, palletizing machines, reciprocators etc.
  • Tractor/ agricultural attachments/implements
  • Automatic feeders
  • Silos
  • Hoppers / chutes
  • Off road equipment
  • Custom made chassis
  • Boat accessories/rigging
  • Custom made bull bars
  • Wakeboard towers

What we can do to further optimise your design

  • Through finite element analysis, we can verify your design by breaking it down into millions of small elements and individually calculating how they interact; with the end goal of optimising your design for its intended purpose.
  • We can then further optimise your design by using the latest engineering tools to make it cheaper, lighter and stronger.
  • Product commissioning: Montemurro can undertake the final testing and commissioning of your product.
  • In many cases, companies prefer us to also manage the entire project; commissioning our engineers to take care of project needs, such as procurement, estimation, sourcing of special components, fabrication, maintenance and delivery schedules.
  • Working to your design or our own we can fabricate it using any engineering material including plastics, modern composites, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, special alloys etc.