We design, build, upgrade, troubleshoot and optimise industrial automation systems

In today’s competitive world, where investment capital isn’t always easy to come by, it is more important than ever for manufacturers to implement process automation solutions that produce the best possible productivity improvements while delivering the shortest possible payback times.

It doesn’t matter whether your existing system needs an upgrade or you want to start automating all or part of your industrial processes. It’s always critical to ensure you end up with a high performance system that not only gives you improved production rates and a quick return on investment but also delivers improved profits, and is safe, energy efficient and long lasting.

Montemurro Engineering has the experience and know-how needed to optimise the investment in your conveyor, robotic and automation systems. Our industrial automation expertise covers a broad range of manufacturing and other industries, including food, mining and logistics.

At Montemurro we are flexible – you can commission our turnkey service or choose the services that you require.

CAD design and drafting services (CAD)

Our conceptual design services bring life to your ideas and to our solutions, be it a reverse engineered product, machine building or a process automation system.

If you already have a hand sketch, one of our engineers/consultants will discuss the feasibility of your design. Once a decision is made to go ahead, your design will be modelled in 3D CAD. You will be able to review it before fabrication drawings are created.

In addition we can satisfy all your detailed drafting needs.

Industrial automation consulting services

We offer a complete range of industrial automation consulting services including design verification and optimisation, fabrication and project management.

Often you will start the consulting process by asking the questions – questions such as, “How can we improve this and make it work better? Is there a cheaper way to make this? Can this be automated? Do you think this idea will work? ”

How we go about giving you the automation solution you need

We will kick off by determining exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Are you trying to reduce waste, cut costs, increase productivity, improve safety, increase output and machine uptime, improve on quality, minimise repetitive tasks, improve reliability etc? Are you thinking of a new custom-made solution or an upgrade or refurbishment of your existing automation system?

  1. Once we’ve got a good idea of what you want, we will measure your premises and/or equipment and have a preliminary concept sketched. A scope of work proposal will then be drafted. It will include details of how the solution for your needs will be achieved as well as the costs involved;
  2. Importantly, our proposed solution will take into account your budgetary constraints, your internal engineering resources, your company’s culture and the skills levels of your machine operators and maintenance personnel
  3. Once you approve the conceptual design and budget, a schedule for the project will be arranged and design work will commence;
  4. We will work with your preferred suppliers or source materials from our suppliers (everything will be included in our 3D model so you can see it before it gets fabricated);
  5. You can choose to source your own fabricators or we can take care of everything for you;
  6. Finally, the project will be tested and handed over. You may also choose to receive an engineering report/manual for each individual component of your project;
  7. After commissioning you will always be able to rely on our local support services

Diagnosis, Upgrades and Repair

Montemurro Engineering can identify and remedy flaws in your industrial automation system that are costing you time and money. For example, if you know your conveyor system is deteriorating but don’t have the know-how or time to fix, we can come in get you back to optimum performance without delay. We can turn an outdated system into a modern, reliable automated production line.

Also, the time may have come to improve performance or introduce a new element to your system in order to boost productivity, reduce manual handling etc. Recently, we designed and implemented a new feature to a client’s existing system which allowed for damaged boxes to the identified and automatically removed from a production line. This has previously been a manual operation.

What we can do to further optimise your design

  • Through finite element analysis (FEA), we can verify your design by breaking it down into millions of small elements and individually calculating how they interact; with the end goal of optimising your design for its intended purpose.
  • We can then further optimise your design by using the latest engineering tools to make it cheaper, lighter and stronger.
  • In many cases, companies prefer us to also manage the entire project; commissioning our engineers to take care of project needs, such as procurement, estimation, sourcing of special components, fabrication, maintenance and delivery schedules.
  • Working to your design or our own we can fabricate it using any engineering material including plastics, modern composites, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, special alloys etc.