How to turn your idea into a solution that works

You may have come up with an idea and hand sketch of a product and would like to know how it will look and whether it will work.

So what do you do? You may take your sketch to a fabricator to knock something up for you. The problem is fabricators usually don’t have the design expertise to show you exactly what your product will look like. What’s more they’re unlikely to be able to tell you whether your product will achieve what you expect of it or how to make it more appealing.

Montemurro Engineering could save you a great deal of time and money by verifying your design or presenting you with an optimum solution for your needs. We can also produce a 3-D functional prototype that will help you see how your solution works, before going through the full expense of building it.

And if you choose to go further we can produce your fabrication drawings and even make the product for you.

Take note, our specialised expertise is also employed in the design of customised and reverse engineered machine parts.