The purpose of project management is to deliver a specified project within an agreed time and budget. Achieving this outcome demands considerable expertise in all aspects of managing a project - ranging from the effective use of people skills, resources, and tools to the co-ordination and control of all the steps and techniques needed for successful completion. 

How we go about managing your project

Getting a thorough understanding of what you want is the essential starting point of any project management assignment undertaken by Montemurro. We believe that only through a precise understanding of your needs and expectations can our project team minimise the need for any changes and reduce the possibility of problems emerging at some point in the future. At Montemurro we use the latest project management tools, such as Microsoft Project,  to ensure that our clients get accurate reports and a graphical visualization of the project.


Without a detailed action plan, there is little chance of delivering a project on time and within budget. This is why our planning process is focused on ensuring that each member of the project knows exactly what is required of them at every stage of the project.


A budget plays a major role in the successful completion of a project. It not only controls costs, but also ensures all tasks are completed within the stipulated budget. It is also a vital tool in the planning and managing of cost and revenue estimates.


Our schedules include regular milestones and incorporate processes for managing change.


Accurate estimating is important not only because of the role it plays in pricing a project, but also because it is used for setting delivery deadlines and for planning a project.

Project co-ordination

Key to the success of Montemurro’s project management assignments is the effective co-ordination of vital areas of the process – i.e. the initiation planning, execution, control, and completion of the project.

Procurement/sourcing of special components

We are equipped to procure all the equipment, parts and special components needed for the completion of your project.

Liaison with stakeholders

Having a thorough understanding of your needs is essential if we are to exceed your expectations. However, for a project to achieve success, we also believe it’s very important for our project managers to ensure they constantly communicate with and liaise between all stakeholders in the project 

Handover inspection

After your project is completed, it will undergo thorough testing to ensure specifications have been met. A handover inspection will then be undertaken with yourself and any other independent specialist that you may choose to accompany you."

Project Managment

Project management

Project management